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Trench Covers

Trench Covers are cut-to-size pieces of grating that are used in various water drainage applications.

  • Manufactured from Grating.
  • Galvanized or Uncoated Finish.
  • Bands are welded on non-span edge for improved structural stability.
  • Ideal for the front of garage doors and other building entrances.

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Standard Trench Cover Definitions and Sizes

Trench covers technical definitions

Additional Information

  • Standard trench cover widths are as follows: 250 mm | 300 mm | 350 mm | 500 mm
  • With regards to the span direction, this is normally the smaller dimension (and hence usually, the width of the trench). It is possible to have the span running in the opposite direction ie. along the length of the trench. However the trench will need to be reinforced with sufficient supports that reduce the effective span of the bearer bar.
  • Trench covers can be supplied in widths or with different grating specifications that differ from above, please enquire.
  • To avoid interference when fitting trench covers, please consider an appropriate clearance between the outside of the trench cover and the support system/frame in which the trench cover is laid.
  • The standard length of each trench cover is 1000 mm. These individual trench covers are then laid next to each other to make up the required overall trench length. Kindly note that an individual trench cover length may change depending on the requirements of the end user.
  • As with all our grating products, trench covers can be manufactured with serrated or plain edge grating. Kindly specify when enquiring/ordering.
  • The appropriate bearer bar and pitch of grating will be determined based on the requirements of the end user.