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Frankensteel Stair Treads

Stair Treads are fabricated “steps” used in industrial flooring systems to access elevated levels.

  • Manufactured from Grating and Accessories.
  • Galvanized or Uncoated Finish.
  • Facility for direct bolting of treads on to carriages of stairways.

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Standard Tread Definitions and Sizes

Stair treads technical definitions
Length Width Bearer Bar Hole Center
600 mm 255 mm 25×4.5 mm 135 mm
750 mm 255 mm 30×4.5 mm 135 mm
900 mm 255 mm 30×4.5 mm 135 mm
1000 mm 255 mm 40×4.5 mm 135 mm
Length Width Bearer Bar Hole Center
600 mm 305 mm 25×4.5 mm 185 mm
750 mm 305 mm 30×4.5 mm 185 mm
900 mm 305 mm 30×4.5 mm 185 mm
1000 mm 305 mm 40×4.5 mm 185 mm

Additional Information

  • Stair Treads can be supplied in custom sizes or with different grating specifications which differ from above, please enquire.
  • The slot and bolt holes punched into the side plates of the treads ideally accommodate M12 and M14 bolts and nuts.
  • Treads that use 40×4.5 mm grating (length of 1000 mm or greater) use 80 mm wide side plates.
  • Individual elements of Stair Treads ie. Non-slip Nosing, Side plates and grating can be supplied as individual units, so that the end-user can undertake fabrication. This is often beneficial for the customer in terms of cost and lead time. Kindly refer to our “Grating Accessories Page” for further information.
  • Treads can be manufactured using serrated or plain edge grating. Kindly specify when enquiring/ordering.