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Heavy Duty Grating

Frankensteel Heavy Duty Grating

Should your application require a grating of enhanced strength, we also manufacture heavy duty grating in addition to our standard products.

  • Increased Load bearing capacity.
  • 6 mm thick bearer bar.

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Standard Grating Terminology and Specifications

The Elements of Grating

Aspects and Terminology of Heavy Duty Grating
# Term Definition Standard Options
1 Bearer Bar The load bearing component of grating which extends in the direction of the span.
Grating is supported across the bearer bars.
(40-100) x 6.0 mm
2 Transverse Bar Bars providing structural stability to grating. They extend at right angles to the span,
connecting adjacent bearer bars.
8 mm
3 Bearer Bar Pitch The center-to-center distance of adjacent bearer bars. 43 mm
4 Transverse Bar Pitch The center-to-center distance of adjacent transverse bars. 50 mm | 40 mm
5 Edge Finish The profile of the bearer bar edge that is exposed to load bearing. Serrated | Plain
Overall Size The overall outside dimensions of a single grating panel. 2000×1200 mm
2400×1200 mm
3000×1200 mm
Material Finish The coating (if any) bonded to the raw material. Uncoated | Galvanized

Standard options in terms of pitch and further information

43 by 50 pitch grating

FS43 (43 x 50 mm)

Bearer Bar Pitch: 43 mm
Transverse Bar Pitch: 50mm
Edge Finish: Serrated or Plain

43 by 40 pitch grating

NS40 (43 x 40 mm)

Bearer Bar Pitch: 43 mm
Transverse Bar Pitch: 50mm
Edge Finish: Plain

Differences to standard grating

The serration pattern on the bearer differs slightly on heavy duty grating when compared to standard grating panels. The picture to the right shows this difference. The top bar is for standard panels, the bottom bar is for heavy duty grating. Whilst the depth and width of each individual serration remains the same, the frequency of serrations is reduced, resulting in an increase in length of the “flat” portion.
serration pattern differences on heavy duty grating.