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Frankensteel Steel Grating

We are a leading manufacturer of steel grating, a product that has many uses across a variety of industries. We have done, and continue to do, extensive research on this product, as well as the method through which it is manufactured.

  • Flexible Manufacturing System.
  • Pressure Locked Transverse Bar.
  • Various Specifications depending on Application.

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Standard Grating Terminology and Specifications

Aspects and Terminology of Grating

# Term Definition Standard Options
1 Bearer Bar The load bearing component of grating which extends in the direction of the span.
Grating is supported across the bearer bars.
25×4.5 mm | 30×4.5 mm
40×4.5 mm | 50×4.5 mm
2 Transverse Bar Bars providing structural stability to grating. They extend at right angles to the span,
connecting adjacent bearer bars.
8 mm (standard)
6 mm
3 Bearer Bar Pitch The center-to-center distance of adjacent bearer bars. 50 mm | 43 mm
4 Transverse Bar Pitch The center-to-center distance of adjacent transverse bars. 50 mm | 40 mm
5 Edge Finish The profile of the bearer bar edge that is exposed to load bearing. Serrated | Plain
Overall Size The overall outside dimensions of a single grating panel. 2400×1200 mm
3000×1200 mm
Material Finish The coating (if any) bonded to the raw material. Uncoated | Galvanized

Standard Options in Terms of Pitch

Flexible Manufacturing System

Are you looking for something custom? We have a manufacturing system that allows us to adapt to a specific application. This enables us to manufacture grating which deviates from our current standard items. We can offer our customers variations on the following elements*:

  • Overall size. (Grating can be cut to customer requirements.)
  • Bearer Bar Pitch and width.
  • Transverse Bar Pitch.
  • Serration Profile.
  • Manufacturing from different materials, for example, Aluminium.

*Whilst technically the possibilities are endless, and we will always endeavour to give our customers exactly what they want, this is not always justifiable. It is always best to contact us to determine whether we can find a solution that works.