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Grating Accessories

Frankensteel Grating Accessories

We manufacture a number of accessories to compliment our grating products. Various fastening methods can be used to attach grating to their support structures, and these are assisted by the products you will find below.

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Fastening Accessories

The below clamps are used to fasten grating to their support beams. Should the need arise, this fastening method allows for grating to be installed and removed quickly, when compared to welded installations. Clamps can be supplied in an uncoated or electro-plated zinc galvanized finish. They are manufactured from 2.5mm Hot Rolled Steel.

Bottom Position Fixing Clamps

J Clamp for grating

J Clamp

  • 8 mm bolt and nut set.
  • Flanges to prevent rotation of nut.
  • Used in conjunction with W Clamp.

Saddle Clamp for grating

Saddle Clamp

  • 6 mm or 8 mm bolt.
  • Used in conjunction with W Clamp.

Top Position Fixing Clamps

W Clamp for grating

W Clamp

  • 6 mm or 8 mm bolt.
  • Bi-directional clamping design.
  • Can be used independently or with either bottom position fixing clamp.

Accessories for Stair Treads

We manufacture and supply the pressed accessories required for stair treads that are fabricated from grating.


  • Positive dimples provide grip when walked upon.
  • Adds aesthetic value to stairtreads.
  • Manufactured from 1.6 mm Hot Rolled Steel.
  • Available in the following lengths: 600 mm | 750 mm | 900 mm | 1000 mm
  • Other sizes can be manufactured upon request.



  • Joined to the side of stair treads to facilitate easy fastening of treads to carriages of stairways.
  • Hole and Slot designed to use M14 bolts and nuts.
  • Manufactured from 4.5 mm Hot Rolled Steel.
  • Available in the following lengths: 205 mm | 250 mm | 285 mm | 300 mm
  • Available in 60 mm width (25 and 30 mm treads) or 80 mm width (40 mm treads).