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Company Info

Our beginnings

Frankensteel CC was founded in 2009 after the research and development of a steel grating product required for a large construction project in the Johannesburg CBD. Prior to this, the business was a producer of a variety of hinges, metal pressings and sheet metal work for the furniture industry. These products are still proudly made today by our sister company- Clip-Fit Products. Due to our experience with these high accuracy pressings, we were sought out to make the grating product.
The company was started by Sparky and Darold Frankenberg, a father and son team with many years of experience in engineering environments. Frankensteel remains owned and managed by the founders.

Our expertise

In addition to our core manufacturing competencies, at our hearts, we are tool and die makers.
We have developed tooling, made parts and devised production solutions for a variety of industries. This service is still offered to our customers today. Partner with us for your metal project or production tooling needs – We will treat them with the same care and devotion that you do. Our facilities are backed up by modern CNC Toolroom equipment, which ensures production with precision.

Making things is our passion!

Manufacturing is more than just a career to us. We hold a great interest in all things related to manufacturing. This passion drives us to sustain a high level of quality and service in all that we do.

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