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Screening Grids and August Prices

New Product | Screening Grids

Consider a product that has the easy handling of mesh, yet offering the strength of grating. Nothing has existed between these two pillars of the South African steel market… until now! Screening Grids have arrived!

Featuring the same aesthetic of standard grating panels while offering considerably less handling, Screening Grids are a suitable alternative in certain applications. Development of the product took place as a result of the need for a product better suited to “vertical” applications. Gates, security screening, garden screens, fencing, building facades, and similar applications are where the product can best be used. However, light duty load bearing purposes, such as non-vehicle trench covers and short span walkways, will also be served.

Features of product:
  • 20 x 3 mm Bearer Bars.
  • 6 mm Transvere Bars.
  • 55 mm x 55 mm Pitch.
  • 2 m x 1 m Overall Size.
  • Plain or Serrated Edge.
  • Uncoated or Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Economical.

Current price for the product is R650 including VAT. Available ex Stock.

Prices for August 2017

Our most recent price lists for our stock products are below. Click name of list to open:

Heavy Duty Trench Covers

We recently had the pleasure of manufacturing a set of trench covers with a specification that lies far beyond that which would be considered “standard” within the grating industry.

The enquiry was for a highly customized set of heavy duty trench covers with the following specifications:

86 mm Bearer bar pitch, 40 mm Transverse bar pitch
80 x 4.5 mm Bearer bar
Overall Size 580 mm x 5400 mm
Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish

Our flexible manufacturing system allowed for the work to be completed well before the promised delivery date.

Whilst the majority of our enquiries are still for standard items, we continue to grow in efficiency in terms of producing and supplying custom grating work.

Aluminium Grating

We recently had an interesting enquiry from a customer. Their application was a lightweight, preferably non-ferrous solution to use as stands for plants and other garden materials. After some discussion of possible ways to meet their need in terms of design and materials, the customer decided on an aluminium grating which can be seen in the pictures above. The final result was very pleasing to both the customer, and ourselves. Should you require a custom grating solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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